Sarah Meyohas, Speculations


In her work across media, Sarah Meyohas uses networks of information, power, value, and communication. In her series Speculations, Meyohas creates a string of sculptures by placing two mirrors opposite one another, facing inwards, and arranging various items – from rose petals and branches of yellow blossom, to a haze of blue smoke and a pair of hands – so that they appear endlessly reflexive. The result is an oddly hypnotic portrait of nature duplicated ad infinitum. Related to her earlier bodies of work, such as BITCHCOIN and Stock Performance, this series interrogates rules of aesthetics and market value alongside the artist’s role within such spheres.

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Neumann Wolfson Art 


Neumann Wolfson Art partnered with Nicole Ripka to present AftermodernisM in the Hamptons, an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by 33 artists on view from July 2 – September 4th, 2016. AftermodernisM's goal is to examine the new art which deals with our lack of closure. The artists in this exhibition represent a large happening of young and mid-career artists who are involved in the use of strong color and varied texture, as well as combining figurative and abstract elements in new and innovative ways – an asymmetric aesthetic in a fractured asymmetric world. The works in the exhibition constitute a resistance to the forms of definition and closure represented by modernism and accentuate the coexistence of incongruous ideas. There is no closure; there are disturbing visual conflicts, warped spaces, a saturation of details, jarred juxtapositions, remembrance denied, all creating an art of the unresolved. The traditional border and picture plane is violated. The eye is forced to vibrate in a cacophony of staccato chattering over the surface. The works are something we have never experienced before. It is not derivative or second generation. They reference the past but remain fresh. It is not predictable and has the ability to surprise in a profound universal manner. These artists are creating work that is so complex the viewer is unable to remember the totality of the image. The internet, which is arguably the single most important defining structure of our time, plays an integral part in creating this sensibility. We are plunged into a space that has influenced the aesthetic evolution away from Modernsim.

Carole Feuerman & Bonnie Lautenberg  


Body Language
presents the work of two notable female artists Bonnie Lautenberg and Carole Feuerman focused on capturing feminine form and expression.

Lautenberg is well-known for her portraits of political figures, including Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and Joe Biden. This exhibition will featured some of the artist's career highlights, as well as newer projects. More recently, her series of Pop Rock photos take a look into the lives of the biggest artists in today's pop culture world, such as Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. Other works include a series of photos from Cuba, Antarctica and ancient art.

Feuerman's life-sized, realistic sculptures of swimmers and divers can be seen all over the world. While she has a knack for painting, and has created the artwork for many album covers, including The Rolling Stones World Tour Book, Alice Cooper and Aretha Franklin, Feuerman's specialty is her sculptures. Every detail that she puts into her work jumps out at you and makes the sculptures look that much more real.

CityKids Speak on Liberty Keith Haring Banner


Nicole Ripka Gallery was honored to host an unveiling of the rarely seen and monumental banner over Labor Day Weekend in 2015.

In 1986, the banner (90’ x 30’ feet) titled, “CityKids Speak on Liberty” was painted by legendary artist and renowned SoHo resident, Keith Haring, in conjunction with The CityKids Foundation. This one of a kind piece of art depicts one of Haring’s most beloved images, The Statue of Liberty. Additionally, it is often referred to as one of the most meaningful pieces in the entire Haring oeuvre.

The painting was conceived over a three-day period, in which 1,000 young people (CityKids) from all over New York City gathered at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center to collaborate with Haring in the creation of this incredible work of art. The banner is a unique, brightly-colored, six story mural created by the late artist Keith Haring commemorating the Statue of Liberty on her 100th birthday. A black, pop-art outline of Miss Liberty on a yellow nylon background exhibits the personal interpretations of what liberty meant to them.

The completed banner was originally debuted at Liberty Tower in Battery Park City over the Fourth of July celebration in 1986, and has subsequently exhibited in select cities such as Milan, Italy; Paris, France and was featured as a back drop of Paul McCartney’s pre-game show at Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans.